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So, you're getting married! Congratulations! There's loads to plan. You've got to find the perfect dress, the florist who'll make dreams reality, a venue that looks spectacular, and someone to dress it! Bet you didn't know that 78% of brides, although they prioritised these things in the build up to the wedding, say they'd have made entertainment their highest priority in the week following their wedding! 81% of guests name the entertainment as the most memorable part of a wedding.

But never mind the guests! What about you? Music has a unique ability to bring back memories. It's that song you heard on holiday and you're instantly happy. It's that song that your nan loved that draws a tear every time. There is nothing that can make your day more personal and more memorable than your music choices, so read on, and let the North West's Specialists in Intimate Daytime Wedding Music create the soundtrack to your Dream Day...

A Little About Our Musicians

Here at Dream Day Music, based in Lancashire, we focusing solely on wedding ceremonies (civil and religious), daytime wedding receptions, such as cocktail receptions following the ceremony, and wedding breakfasts. Getting your music right for these important parts of the day will make memories for a life time, and complement all those other important visual aspects perfectly.

Our wedding singers and musicians are the finest in the region. Everyone says that right? You've seen 40 bands claiming to be the "UK's finest party band", after all! Our musicians have toured with, recorded for and supported artists ranging from Bryan Adams to Paloma Faith, Tinchy Styder to Russell Watson, and have played iconic venues all over the world, and in some of the globe's most famous orchestras.

Thanks to their unrivaled skill, they're the most flexible musicians you'll find, allowing them to make sure the following key principals are always met:

  • Your music should be personal to you
  • Your music should be befitting of the part of the day it is chosen for
  • Your music should be befitting of the surroundings it is played within
  • Your music should not be intrusive; it is background music, a 'film score' to the events it accompanies, and guests should be able to choose to listen, but not be forced to
  • Your music should be adaptable to the guests it is entertaining
  • Your music should set an ambiance suiting your theme(s)

Please read on for some entertainment inspiration for each part of your Dream Day:

Lancashire Wedding Ceremony Music

Dream Day Music is proud to offer some of the finest solo pianists, violinists and guitarists in the country for wedding ceremonies, along with duets including flute, violin, saxophone and vocals accompanied by either piano or guitar, and string quartets.

Civil Wedding Ceremony Music

If you choose a civil wedding ceremony, you'll have freedom to choose your wedding music. Ultimately, your registrar will have to approve your ceremony music, but you'll usually be able to choose how much wedding music you use, the styles and the titles. Over the last few years, couples have been increasingly requesting pop songs with a special meaning to them as the soundtrack to their wedding ceremony. Classical wedding music is also very befitting of the most formal part of your day, but requests for classical music have tended to be rarer in recent years.

Religious music is usually not allowed for a civil ceremony. Songs such as Schumann's 'Ave Maria', a popular bridal march, for example, has a religious theme and often wouldn't be allowed. We can recommend several alternatives in a similar style; some popular ones like Pachelbel's 'Canon in D', others far less commonly used. Neither Mendelssohn's 'Wedding March' or 'Here Comes the Bride' are religious. It's a great idea to ask your musician for wedding ceremony ideas and advice.

Lancashire Church Wedding Music

Similarly, church weddings will require your vicar / priest to approve your choice of music, and they may make suggestions as to the content of hymns. Please see our Organ page and Piano page for religious ceremony musicians.

North West Signing of the Register Music

You may also use music within the ceremony itself. As well as your entrances and exits, and the signing of the register, you could be able to use music alongside or in place of readings. It is common for the bride and groom to discuss music choices with the musician or duo that will perform during their wedding ceremony; some charge a consultancy fee, but all Dream Day Musicians offer this service free with no obligation to buy.

Lancashire Wedding Musicians

Our experienced wedding musicians are able to perform any style of wedding music, and are all experienced professionals based in and near Lancashire, with hundreds of performances under their belts. Be it classical, jazz, theatre, pop or even your favourite dance or rock songs, we can provide it with aplomb! In fact, there's very little Dream Day Music can't provide, so get in touch, no matter how adventurous you'd like to be: we love a challenge!

Lancashire Wedding Reception Music

Increasingly popular over the past five or so years has been the inclusion of some live music entertainment for drinks receptions following the wedding ceremony and preceding the wedding breakfast, or following the wedding breakfast and speeches before evening guests arrive.

Background Music for Weddings

These parts of the day are perfect for your guests to get reacquainted with family and friends that they may not have seen for a long time, and, as such, it is important that any live music you choose allows them to do so. Daytime reception music should essentially be background music that allows people to converse, but is entertaining enough for those who wish to watch the musician(s) as an 'act' to feel that they are watching a performance. Our musicians at Dream Day Music have years of experience doing just that, and have hours of music ready to perform that will suit any surrounding and a range of guests.

Lancashire Wedding Venues with Pianos

Many Lancashire wedding venues, such as The Villa, Eaves Hall, Mitton Hall and The Clifton Arms Hotel, have reception rooms or halls with grand pianos in situ. At these venues, the obvious choice is to make use of these beautiful features, perhaps with solo piano or piano/vocal entertainment. We also have a range of instruments - saxophone, violin, flute etc - that can be accompanied on these pianos. For venues without pianos, our pianists have portable pianos, and we also have a deal with a local piano hire company that allows us to hire grand pianos from as little at £300.

Intimate Wedding Entertainment Ideas

If piano isn't your thing, we have solo guitarists, saxophonists, violinists and more, all of which are perfect for providing classy, intimate wedding entertainment for wedding receptions, with the option of guitar accompaniment for that fashionable acoustic vibe too.

Lancashire Wedding Breakfast Music

Your wedding breakfast is the time for fantastic food, wonderful wines and enjoying your first hours of married life surrounded by your nearest and dearest. We're usually asked to provide simple, unobtrusive background music during wedding breakfasts. "Easy listening" is often the brief.

Lancashire Wedding Breakfast Background Music

We aim to create an ambiance rather than give an entertaining performance, but guests who wish to listen more closely can choose to do just that. We always make an effort to keep background music at a level that allows, rather than forces, guests to listen in. Children in particular are often keen to come and have a look at the instruments and listen to the music, and our musicians are always happy to have little a chat with them while they play (unless they're blowing a saxophone, of course!).

Jazz and Swing Saxophone Wedding Breakfast Entertainment

Although many couples opt for classical piano or guitar, or a violin and piano duo, for what is still a largely formal part of their wedding day, discreet lounge jazz piano or swing classics on saxophone, adding a sparkle and class to the occasion, are becoming increasingly popular. Our 'best seller' by far, though, on any instrument, is a mixed set of styles ranging from classical pieces to swing, pop and soul to TV and film music.

Acoustic Singer for Wedding Breakfast Lancashire

In the last couple of years, acoustic vocals have become really popular, thanks to Radio 1 Live Lounge. The stripped back style of these make this a perfect way of including vocals in your wedding breakfast entertainment without the volume getting too loud. Check out our Singer page for more info.

Wedding Breakfast Music Advice Ideas

Some couples provide a list of favourite songs as suggestions of material to included, and we find that pop songs work wonders for keeping the event relaxed if formality isn't your thing. Current and recently charting songs are a great way of keeping the younger guests entertained. It's best to let your musician offer advice; they work on weddings week-in-week-out, and are experienced in what works well and what doesn't work so well.

One thing to note: by requesting your favourite songs or artists to be played during your wedding breakfast, there will always be songs to remind you of your special day in the years to come. There is usually no charge for pop song requests, as they're particularly simple and take very little time to learn.

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